● Collect the following data from a selected EL from the Fieldwork Classroom: 1.

● Collect the following data from a selected EL from the Fieldwork Classroom:
1. Two writing samples, half a page to two pages in length, from one to two content classes, done as class work or assignment. Transcribe the two writing samples. Upload both of the student’s two writing samples and transcriptions of them.
2. The text(s) read and used for writing the two writing samples.
3. A spoken language sample, collected either from an interview with your EL, or from the EL’s discussion in a small group content activity. Transcribe and upload the transcription.
● Compile all language and literacy data collected from the EL as one file, and save it as a pdf file.
● Upload a single pdf file that contains all of the data collected to the Assignment Link at Week 6 Module.
● This Data set is due at 4:30 p.m. in week 6, March 1. You will use this data to do an analysis and assessment of the EL’s language and literacy skills and proficiency levels which is ELD Case Study Part B and Part C instructional planning.
● Use the same form to complete Part A, B, and C.
ELD Case Study Form in the files.

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