1. 3-5 sentences no reference Selected company NIKE 2. Reply to Angela post

1. 3-5 sentences no reference
Selected company NIKE
2. Reply to Angela post
3. Reply 3-5 sentences no reference
4. Reply to Brice response
1. Find a business outreach event involving your selected company? How does their participation in the event align with their stance as a business in the community?
Find a business outreach event in YOUR LOCAL community. What business or businesses are sponsoring the event? How (or does) the event align with the sponsoring company’s values? If so, how?
How (or does) the company benefit from sponsoring the event? How do you think this event brings your community together? How does the community view the company sponsoring the event?
Respond to at least one of your classmates with your perspective on their topic.
2. Angela, Hello professor and classmates, Wells Fargo is known as the, “The Bank of Doing.” This company reaches back out to the community through the growth initiative in this growth initiative they look for small business minority women help them get certified through other investors to fund their company. In doing so this helps the community to grow and to thrive such as Jobs and other nonprofit outreaches. Do I think this company lives up to its standards no they have been a lot of betrayal between Wells Fargo and it’s customers.
General Motors is launching its innovative car then transmission electrical free of fossil fuel vehicles. And in doing so this company benefits from customers increase of sales innovation and employees.
3. Hypothesize on what causes organizations to change.
What are the potential consequences of resistance to organizational change?
Recall a specific instance when you experienced significant change at work.
What was the overall outcome?
Be sure to respond to at least one classmate’s post.
4. Brice, Hi Class,
Change can occur in a variety of ways in an organization. A few of those ways are a change in leadership, a law or outside influence. When a new CEO is hired they bring in their own beliefs and structure that may disrupt the way things have been done in the past causing employees to disagree. I experienced this when my company brought in a new CEO and they reorganized the department I was in and I lost my jobs due to cuts. Outside influence like Covid caused change in the way companies did business from face to face to virtual where employees had to change where and how they conducted their jobs.

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