1- note the difference between when each author brings up plot points of “The Le

1- note the difference between when each author brings up plot points of “The Lesson” and when they analyze the story. Basically, if you know what Plot is (and you should by now), then pretty much whatever is left is the scholarly discussion, the analysis. We will discuss this a bit in class, so do not worry right now if you are not clear on what I am asking for. Submit here examples from each essay of sentences where the authors are analyzing the story rather than retelling the plot.
2- Is there any particular language each scholar uses that you can identify as the language of literary analysis? It might be a word, it might be a phrase-give me a few examples here.
3- Finally, with each essay, tell me not only an analytical point that the author makes but your thought on that part of the story. Use this template:
“_________ says that _________. I say ____________.” For example, I could write, “Cartwright states that the main conflict of the story is not about “rich versus poor” but one between Sylvia and Miss Moore. I say that this makes sense because that conflict exists before the trip to the toy store and continues after their return to Harlem.”
Now, I (and you) can often take this even further and add something such as, “While I agree with Cartwright, I also think that an important conflict is the internal one within Sylvia. We see this…” and so on.
https://lukecart.files.wordpress.com/2019/09/the_lesson.pdf –> LINK TO THE STORY THE LESSON!

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