1) What is nationalism? What were the goals of nationalists? What difficulties d

1) What is nationalism? What were the goals of nationalists? What difficulties did nationalists confront in realizing those goals? Why was nationalism a special threat to the Austrian empire? What areas saw significant nationalist movements between 1815 and 1830? Which were successful and which unsuccessful?
Your answers to the following essay questions should be about 350 words (400 maximum; question), typed, double-spaced, 12-point type, and must include the word count. Do NOT use any sources other than the Western Civilizations textbook, including appropriate primary sources found in the book, and do NOT collaborate with anyone else. You must use the primary sources to support your thesis or the assignment will be considered incomplete. Cite the sources in parenthetical notes, e.g. (Kagan, 1.1.2).
Your answer must use specific historical examples to support your analysis; and you must include quotations from the primary sources at least twice (i.e., select a brief quotation from one of the primary sources in the chapter Revel Source Collection).

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