5 sentences each question. Skill Builder Activity: Design Your Future As you thi

5 sentences each question.
Skill Builder Activity: Design Your Future
As you think about potential career paths, it’s important to have general clarity on some primary dimensions of the work. This skill-building activity is designed to promote awareness and help you design your future. While it may be easy to answer “it depends” to each of these items, work to think in terms of your ideal scenario. In other words, all things being equal, which option do you prefer—and if you prefer both equally, that’s important to know as well. It’s important to reflect upon many topics we have explored in this chapter and have a general understanding of the environment that you find intrinsically motivating.
question 1. Compensation—How important is compensation to you? Are you seeking a “fair” wage, or do you require top dollar for your services? If you come across an organization that fits a number of the other attributes (e.g., meaning, impact, autonomy, flexibility/freedom) does money become less important to you?
question 2. Career Pathing—Do you prefer a clear path to your next promotion with a fairly structured approach (e.g., junior associate, to associate, to senior associate, to director, and so on)? Or, do you prefer a more open and free flowing approach to your career path? Does the organization need to lay the path out, or do you prefer an organization with greater flexibility and fluidity?
question 3. Autonomy—How important is autonomy to you? In other words, do you value having the opportunity to explore and determine how the work will get done on your own, or do you prefer more hands-on guidance and support? While you may find yourself answering “it depends,” it’s important to think about this in a general sense.

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