a consulting company in Texas focusing on the energy and manufacturing industry.

PLEASE take this research paper seriously, it is a big part of my grade. PLEASE BE CAREFUL with plagiarism, my school has very strict policies regarding it.
12 pages include abstract and reference pages, but not the title page. I will take care of the title page myself. It should start with a page for the abstract, then 10 pages of the research paper, and then one page for references. Please use the APA writing style for citations. (It is ok if the research paper is longer than 10 pages)
Additional information about the attached rubric:

1. For question 1, it’s asking about my profession today. I am currently a student and will work in a consulting company in Texas focusing on the energy and manufacturing industry. Please write something about the energy and manufacturing industry. It will be easier in terms of searching relative papers and information. 2. Question 4 mentions home country. I come from China, so please do some research about how China is reacting to climate change. It doesn’t have to be all positive, it could be critical as well.

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