a health care organization


with which you work or are familiar.
Assume you are the public relations director for your selected health care organization. You have been asked to prepare an article on several recent health care innovations or changes for an industry publication, describing why your organization proposes to adopt 1 of them.
Write a 750- to 1,050-word article from your organization’s perspective.
Address the following in your article:
Review a minimum of 2 recent (within 3 to 5 years) innovations or changes in health care and their impact on existing systems (e.g., first- and second-movers, wearables, printed organs, genetic testing) related to your selected organization within the health care industry.
Align the impact of the innovations/changes with one element of the IHI Quadruple Aim.
Include an analysis explaining how and why the innovations/changes impact the identified IHI Quadruple Aim component.
Describe which innovation/change your organization is proposing to implement and why.
Demonstrate the following within the article:
Graduate-level writing
Graduate-level analysis
Meets standards for publication on a professional social media site

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