A relatively novel, but influential normative critical perspective is called the

A relatively novel, but influential normative critical perspective is called the Ethics of Care. This
perspective originated as a feminist perspective and has gained traction in some areas of business
Research the Ethics of Care perspective on the Internet and craft an essay that provides a very
brief summary of the most important arguments of the perspective. Then assess the approach and
offer any potential application of the perspective in a business context. Finally, I would like your
informed opinion concerning the value of the perspective in a business context.
In essay form, a minimum of 500 words and include a title and reference page, include in-text citations, and attend to sound writing principles.
The essay should properly communicate the ethical scenario/dilemma under examination, the impact of theory/concepts inherent in the reading, apply appropriate elements of ethical decision making and offer justification for your claims using empirical and logical evidence. Use any quotes from sources sparingly and carefully. Indeed, quotes offered from sources will not exceed 15% of the minimum 500 words for the writing.

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