According to beverly (2014), some of the ways a dnp degree and a phd degree differ include the emphasis placed on theory, conducting new research versus analyzing current research, and the requirements surrounding a dissertation, thesis, or project just to name a few.

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How does the clinician’s role change or benefit from earning a DNP degree?
In life when called to make a decision there are many factors one must consider. The decision to pursue a terminal nursing degree is a great example of a decision in which there are multiple factors to consider. One must consider the type of terminal degree they wish to pursue and the benefits of the degree. In the nursing profession, an individual can select to enroll in a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program. When selecting the type of terminal degree to pursue the differences between a PhD and DNP degrees should be considered. According to Beverly (2014), some of the ways a DNP degree and a PhD degree differ include the emphasis placed on theory, conducting new research versus analyzing current research, and the requirements surrounding a dissertation, thesis, or project just to name a few. Because of the differences within each of these terminal degree programs, the benefits of each degree type should also be considered. In this post, the focus will be on the benefits of earning a DNP degree.
A DNP degree provides nurses with the skills and knowledge necessary to improve their problem-solving. Two of the skills provided in a DNP program include the ability to analyze and implement evidence-based practice in one’s clinical setting and leadership skills (Shelton, 2016). While both of these skills are ones that a DNP student may already possess the enhancement of these skills is vital when implementing change within any healthcare organization; strong leadership skills are essential when implementing change.
Along with assisting with change implementation, improving one’s leadership skills is also beneficial in providing nurses with a more influential role in decision-making processes. While nursing is viewed as a trusted and respectable field, compared to physicians’ nurses are not always viewed as important participants in the decision-making process (Falk, 2015).
Along with improving one’s leadership skills and more efficiently implementing change, there are many other benefits to earning a DNP degree. Dunbar-Jacob et al. (2013) stated that earning a DNP degree provides the learner with skills and knowledge to potentially impact academia, healthcare systems, and primary care just to name a few. In academia a DNP degree is beneficial because it provides the nurse with a larger knowledge base in areas such as quality, safety, interprofessional collaboration, and evidence-based practice; the DNP prepared faculty member could also serve as a role model or mentor to students at their institution. One example of how the DNP degree has a greater impact within a healthcare system is by providing an individual with skills and knowledge to further assist in quality improvement initiatives. In a primary care setting a DNP degree provides a nurse with the knowledge and skills necessary to continuously advance nursing practice. These settings and areas within the nursing profession are just a few areas in which a DNP degree can have a positive impact.
The decision to pursue a DNP degree is an important one that should not be made lightly. Chism (2021) stated that the following are a few areas the content within a DNP program is focused on “evidence-based practice, scholarship to advance the profession, organizational and systems leadership, information technology, healthcare policy and interprofessional collaboration” (p. 5). While there are many benefits to earning a DNP degree, the decision should ultimately be based on one’s personal preferences and how one intends to utilize the degree.

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