ADULT LEARNING based on the sociocultural theory of learning by Wenger and Lave

Hello dear Writer,
First of all, you may be saving my life by taking on this job. I am a mum of a little one (1 yo), and I work three jobs. I have been trying to move forward in my professional career, but I need to complete my MA to be able to do so. I have worked on this thesis during any free moment that I could carve out in the past three months, but the deadline is coming close, and I need help. I have structured the research, written the introductory chapters, reached out to the research subjects, interviewed them, and transcribed the interviews. But right now, I don’t have the strength and time to conclude the work.

I would kindly need you to write for me the research part of this MA Thesis. It is a thesis/final research paper in ADULT LEARNING based on the sociocultural theory of learning by Wenger and Lave. The main book of reference to be used in the analysis is “Communities of practice: Learning, Meaning, and Identity” by Etienne Wenger (Cambridge University Press, 1998). You can integrate also other sources if they belong to sociocultural theory and are reliable academic papers, essays, and books, that present today’s relevant current knowledge on this topic.
The research aim is the following:
“Within a socio-cultural framework, this research aims to explore the professional learning and professional identity building of Italian trainers in Non-Formal Education in the face of the absence of formal and vocational educational paths in Italy and formal professional recognition.
This study specifically focuses on professional learning and building the professional identity of five Italian trainers in Non-Formal Education, both female and male, and from different geographical regions in Italy. The research questions are:
– Through which learning processes did they develop and hone their professional competencies?
– How did they build their professional identity?
– How did the professional learning impact their professional identity”
To write the research, I am providing you with:
– Introductory chapters of the thesis (background and initial literature review) (as a reference)
– Interviews’ guidelines and questions that were used for the interviews I conducted (as a reference) – included in the file “Interview SG”
– Six transcriiptions of interviews (of the six research subjects) – to be analyzed
– Detailed outline of the content/research to be written by you (file “Research structure”). This document includes all the different parts/concepts the research you write should include/look at in the analysis of the six interviews. It is nonetheless a general structure: you can create more sub-chapters when you think they are needed.
Please, be aware that this research paper wants to analyze from a socio-cultural perspective the professional learning of “Trainers in Non-Formal Education” (a professional category recognized at the European level but not at the national one in Italy). The target for the interviews was selected because this category does not have either formal educational or vocational training in Italy, and it allows to explore how professional learning can take place beyond the main traditional ways. The focus of the research paper, though, is not Non-Formal Education (which is the field of work of the target). My work focuses on the analysis of the subjects’ professional learning and development through the lenses of sociocultural theory.
Finally, please make use to anonymize any quote from the interviews by using they/them.
Thank you very much for your help!
Please, reach out to me at any moment if clarifications are needed or if you have any doubt.
Thank you!

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