After readings chapter 2 “Africans in the Atlantic World”, select only one essay

After readings chapter 2 “Africans in the Atlantic World”, select only one essay question answering in two or more paragraphs using proper grammar. For the purposes of this course, I define a well-developed paragraph as 5-8 sentences, including a topic sentence and supporting detail. Always use your own words. Do not copy directly from any source. Please click on Write Submission and then submit directly into the textbox provided.
1. Discuss the process by which European slave traders acquired African slaves. To what degree could European traders dictate terms to African rulers? To what degree were European traders dependent on African agents to acquire slaves for them? Could the transatlantic slave trade have reached the magnitude that it did without the active participation of African slavers?
2. Discuss the nature of the Middle Passage. What were the worst aspects of the passage? Did those aspects result from malice or neglect or were they an inevitable result of the scale of the passage?

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