Aftermath of the CapraTek Worker Complaints

Part 1: Aftermath of the CapraTek Worker Complaints
Assume the lawsuits are over, and CapraTek has settled some, won some, and lost some of the lawsuits brought as the result of the worker complaints. The company has survived, and now must assess the impact on its employees, its reputation, and its workplace culture. Provide an insightful analysis that uses evidence from the professional literature, combined with your own insights, in making your assessment. Part 2: Response Guidelines
Read and respond to at least one other learner, providing comments and questions that encourage critical thinking and insight. Your responses should extend the discussion and stimulate other learners to clarify, strengthen, and extend their dialogue.

Classmate post to respond:
CapraTek has settled, won and lost some of the lawsuits brought against it as a result of employee complaints. The impact of these complaints has had a significant effect on the company. In regard to the cases that it had won, CapraTek still faced negative backlash for being associated with such a case. Being involved in any type of suit, no matter who is at fault, can still potentially tarnish the company’s brand.
In regard to the cases that were settled and lost, the company will face some long-lasting effects. One of the major effects is a hug financial lost. A lot of lawsuits that are settled or lost end with the winner being awarded for any damages that was caused by the company and can include compensatory, punitive, front & back pay, any benefits that may have been lost and any reasonable accommodations that are being sought. Another major impact is an increase in the number of CEO’s that leave a company after a lawsuit situation. According to the article in this week’s reading, studies conducted between 2000 and 2014 show a significant increase in CEO turnover rates following legal action (Unsal & Rayfield, 2019).
Personally, I think if an employee sues their job and wins, there will always be “bad blood” between them. The complaint letters that CapraTek received didn’t sound like people were trying to quit their job. It would be a little awkward to return to work after suing the company. The management team would look at you funny. They cannot treat you funny unless they are ok with being sued again. Coworkers will also look at the employee different as well. They may feel like they cannot do or say certain thins around the employees because they are capable of filing lawsuits.

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