American Romanticism by Whitman or Dickinson

The purpose of this project is to strengthen students’ active reading skills as well as assist them with understanding the literature. Though this project is due toward the end of the semester, students are encouraged to work on the project throughout the semester and while they read to get the most benefit from the project with the least amount of burden. This project also has the added benefit of getting students ready for the final.
Students will be preparing a creative project over literature they have selected from the course. Students should make the choices based upon the following requirements:
Choose one work covered in class from American Romanticism by Whitman or Dickinson
Choose one work covered in class from the Realism genre
Choose one work covered in class from the Naturalism genre
Choose one work covered in class from the Modernism genre
Choose one work covered in class from the Postmodernism genre
The selected authors should represent a diverse cross-section of the American population and should not contain literature from one specific gender or cultural voice
For each of the five (5) works chosen, student should create a document, PowerPoint, video, or other creative means that contains the following information for each work:
Plot Summary: Provide a summary of the work
Important Vocabulary: Identify at least three (3) words and their definitions from each work that you had to look up in order to contribute to your understanding and a brief explanation on how the meaning of the word was important to understanding that work
Example of Life: An explanation of how the work illustrates the life of a particular group, such as women, Native Americans, share croppers, etc. Use at least two quotes from the work with appropriate in-text citation to help with the explanation
Relatable Moments: Choose at least two instances where you could relate to the work through personal experience. Use at least one quote per instance with appropriate in-text citation to help explain the connection
Relation to What We’re Learning: Explain how the work relates to the larger picture of American literature. You could focus on how the work might fit in with important historical events or how it relates to the genre that defines the work. These are only two examples of how this section could be interpreted. If quotes are used, please include appropriate in-text citation
No outside research is required to complete this project. The completed project should represent your understanding and reactions to the literature.
I would like to do the word doccument I will upload the textbook and the authors book. The text book called the american liture volume 9 needs to be cited as well as the others authors like mark twain and others need to be cited as well.

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