analyze a common business contract (select one from 5 available) and present your findings to me. Your

Your final project will be to analyze a common business contract (select one from 5 available) and present your findings to me. Your assignment will be to write a 3-5 page summary report on your findings. Imagine that you are an attorney who was recently hired by a company to analyze this contract and you are presenting your findings to the Executive Team. Put yourself in the CEO’s/Executive Team’s shoes and discuss what he/she should know before signing this contract. The company can be either of the parties (buyer, seller, management company, landlord, tenant etc.) in the contract but also explain the responsibilities of the other party and their protections. I don’t have a specific format but start with an Introduction, explain the contract in a few paragraphs and end with a conclusion where you can discuss whether or not the company should sign the contract, not sign the contract or sign the contract with conditions. This assignment is worth 200 points – about 11% of your grade so make sure to do a professional paper. For your Final Project, choose only one contract:
Contract #1: Asset Purchase Agreement
Contract #2: Restaurant Management Contract
Contract #3: Commercial Property Management Agreement
Contract #4: Commercial Real Estate Assignment
Contract #5: Commercial Real Estate Lease Agreement
Any questions, let me know.

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