analyze customer data and identify target customers, etc.

Imagine that the small organic sports drink business that you have been working for is expanding into a few new markets. However, with new markets comes new demographics of customers and you need to set up a customer relationship management program at your company. You have been charged with finding a customer relationship management (CRM) software that is efficient and effective while keeping costs to a minimum.
Part 1
Your task is to search the Internet to find several CRM Software options to present to your manager. Prepare a summary along with a chart comparing the different features such as: costs, ease of use (for customers and the company), technology required to operate, security procedures to keep customers personal information safe, how this CRM would improve customer relations, and ways the CRM allows you to analyze customer data and identify target customers, etc.
Part 2
You will be assigned to a group with 2–3 other students to conduct a planning meeting to determine which CRM option you researched is the best for your company. You will submit the chart from Part 1 and a three paragraph essay describing which option you chose and why, and explain how the CRM will be implemented.

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