analyze, summarize, and evaluate various types of research material.

Purpose: This assignment will help you to analyze, summarize, and evaluate various types of research material.
Read: ANY 2 ARTICLES from chapter 21 (pp 502-526)
Here are the readings:
“The Bane of Cultural Appropriation,”
“What’s Mine Is Yours,”
“Cultural Appropriation Is, in Fact, Indefensible,”
“A Food Fight at Oberlin College,”
“Uncreative Writing,”
“The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan,”
Using at least two of the assigned readings from chapter twenty-one, develop an Annotated bibliography. Click here to see what an annotated bibliography isLinks to an external site..
A correctly completed annotated bibliography should include:
Your thesis based on the original readings (label and list the thesis at the top of the assignment) (10 points)
One outside source which supports your thesis (10 points)
The two readings from chapter twenty-one (10 points each)
When finished, you should have three sources in total
Proper MLA 9th edition formatting (10 points)

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