Analyze the speech to see if it adheres to the guidelines discussed in chapter 15 of your textbook.

Select an INFORMATIVE SPEECH from any website that includes free speeches or any other published Internet source such as Youtube and TedTalk. Analyze the speech to see if it adheres to the guidelines discussed in chapter 15 of your textbook. If it does, show specifically how it fulfills the goals of each guideline; if it does not, list the guidelines violated, and give examples of where this occurs in the speech. Suggest how the speaker could revise the speech to meet the guidelines.
There are six guidelines mentioned:
Don’t overestimate what the audience knows
Relate the subject directly to the audience
Don’t be too technical
Avoid abstractions
Personalize your idea’s
Be creative
First, give the speech information (who was speaking, where, when, link to video if available).
Next, use the following LABELS, putting them in bold, as is done below:
I. Dont’ Overestimate What the Audience Knows
II. Relate the Subject Directly to the Audience
III. Don’t Be Too Technical
IV. Avoid Abstractions
V. Personalize Your Ideas
VI. Be Creative
This paper must be a minimum of 1 ½ pages for full credit (not including header/top information, such as your name and the name of the speaker, etc.). Double-space your work.

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