Answer the following questions about Verizon FIOS TV & Internet a word processin

Answer the following questions about Verizon FIOS TV & Internet a word processing document. Please format your document by retyping each question in the document and provide your answer below each question. Grading is based on the quality of the answer, punctuation, spelling, etc.
1- What is the main competitor of this product and what are the differences between your product and the competitor’s product?
2- What are the various prices/cost ranges of your product?
3- Where is your product available to buy? Please be as specific as possible with the areas or markets.
4- Find an example of a recent advertising campaign about your product. This means a group of ads with a similar message. What is the message of this campaign the product is trying to get across?
5- Please provide multiple screenshots of the examples of creative assets used in the marketing campaigns you discussed in #4? (this means print ads, TV/video screenshots, social media assets, digital web ads, email marketing examples, etc.) Of the images you provide, what ad do you think was the most effective and why?
6- Please provide a list of works cited showing at least 4 external sources.

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