Application Assignment 1 The menopausal and climacteric midlife crises in both m

Application Assignment 1
The menopausal and climacteric midlife crises in both men and women. Female menopause is the time after a woman’s period stops when she can no longer become pregnant. When a man experiences what is known as a midlife crisis, he has reached his male climacteric. I’ve chosen to finish my two-page application project on this subject because I’m interested in learning more. Regarding healing from trauma, making a plan for the future, safeguarding relationships from the difficulties of midlife, and finding purpose in aging, social workers can assist people going through a midlife crisis. Additionally, a social worker can offer assistance with more targeted problems, such as overcoming adultery, adjusting to a professional shift, or coping with relationship disappointment.
2 page Application Assignment Paper
Instructions for Application Assignment I
The application assignment will require the student to choose and research a scholarly/peer reviewed journal article (which means reviewed by experts in the field) and must be related to chapter 10 of our text.
Application Assignment I
The article should be critiqued and result in a written assignment to explore issues that are common to any topic or issue addressed in Chapter 10 of your text. The two page minimum does not include the title page, the abstract or the reference page. The paper should be double spaced in APA format and focus on (1) strengths and weaknesses of the theoretical arguments and evidence presented; (2) relations between the readings in the textbook (how does article relate to chapter 10 (3) unanswered questions raised by the journal article. (you usually find this in discussion or section on future or further research). Your paper is due on 9/18 and must be written in student form APA format. See the attached rubric.
Go to the library or locate a journal article online. The journal article needs to be related to chapter 10 (any issue in our chapter 10 text). On the outline of the journal or inside cover it will say peer reviewed which means it has been reviewed by experts in the field. Peer reviewed journals make the journal and articles more credible. You should have 5 headings and they are listed in red below. The two page minimum does not include the title page, the abstract or the reference page.
APA Student Version
Title Page
Abstract (summarize article 150-205 words) to include key words
Introduction (which is title of paper or assignment do not label the paper introduction). What you will present/ tell the reader what the article is about.
Critique (critique article by providing the strengths and weaknesses of argument/article/evidence presented in article.
Relationship to chapter 10 (Explain how article relates to chapter 10 of our text)
Unanswered Questions (Unanswered questions raised in the article-you usually find this in discussion or section. Sometimes even future or further research).
Implications for social work practice (Summarize article and share what additional research is needed and why (you usually find this in section on future or further research. Please also address how findings may impact social work practice.
References which is the Reference page and should be a separate page (a minimum of 1 reference is required. The author of the article that you selected will be the 1 minimum reference. You may provide other references if you like.

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