As an activity for this week, choose one of the two podcasts on the Week 8: Read

As an activity for this week, choose one of the two podcasts on the Week 8: Read & Explore page. Listen to it and paraphrase or quote from it in your discussion posts this week.
Of course, you are welcome to listen to both podcasts, if you wish.
What aspects of how you experience gender are at least partially shaped by culture?
How do some beliefs and practices regarding gender from other cultures that you have learned about this week in your textbook reading differ from those commonly found in the United States?
What are some similarities or parallels?
Engage in a conversation, with at least two of your class peers, regarding how culture shapes gender.
Chapter 10: Gender and Sexuality.
Here is a recent podcast with themes related to our explorations of the social construction of gender, specifically, in this forum this week. This podcast episode’s title is “Man Up” and it is about notions of traditionally male occupations and traditionally female occupations. Also, it explores ways that fears of appearing feminine may affect social interactions and may restrict men, specifically, in varying ways. This podcast also mentions nursing. Share your thoughts on the episode!

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