Assess the strategic impact of tim hortons and how the organization can further develop its expected future strategic impact.

All chapters of the mentioned book are required.If I don’t provide a book, you will need to find it yourself and read the relevant chapter.
Assess the strategic impact of tim hortons and how the organization can further develop its expected future strategic impact.
Using materials found in chapter 2 of Ungerer, M., Ungerer, G., & Herholdt, J. (2016). Navigating Strategic Possibilities: Strategy Formulation and Execution Practices to Flourish. Randburg: KR Publishing, (pp. 93-105), and the research resource from Dimotrova*, T. V. (2017). Evaluating the strategic position of an organisation through space analysis. Economic Archive. (Vol 3. pp. 19-32), and any other course materials you research.
Review the strategic posture for the organization reviewed
Prepare a complete assessment of strategic potential and the development of the organization’s future strategic posture using the following materials and questions:
Write a one-page newspaper article portraying the vision and aspirations for the organization in tim hortons.
The article should represent what makes them proud of their organization’s mission, vision and values approach and success, and their strategic posture development three to four years into the future.
Write the article so:
It tells the story of what the organization sees as their success in any area relevant to their SWOT analysis and strategic posture.
It evokes feelings of pride when you read it.
It conveys the kind of organization they are and their successful accomplishments related to their mission, vision and values and strategic posture.
You will want to cite as much supporting material as you can to support your assertions, along with anecdotes, quotes and corporate stories.
Note: This is a work of fiction using the Strategic Leadership principles introduced through the course, so do not be afraid to engage your story as positively, or as realistically as you wish.
Use relevant materials from the resources listed and any resources you review in the process, to develop a strategic posture development plan for the organization you reviewed in TEAM Assignment 2.
3. Once you complete your assessment, use Chapter 9 of Edwards, J. (2014). Mastering Strategic Management. (1st Canadian Edition). (pp. 361-409) to identify/determine the best organizational design type for serving the strategic posture of the organization.
If none of the designs listed, fit the organization’s future, following the implementation of the strategic posture you see the organization developing.
State why the described designs do not fit
Describe your vision of the organization’s future in terms of another suggested design for operating.
Feel free to create a workable hybrid you can add to suggestions for their organizational practice.
You may use any available documentation you can access about the organization to obtain the needed information for the assignment.
You may also use:
Any other course and/or research materials to support your evaluation and development of a strategic posture strategy within the organization reviewed.
Your assignment with utilize APA 7th edition throughout with full referencing of materials.

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