Assignment 18 Trauma.docx 1 / 2 Assignment Brief 18 The front page of your assi

Assignment 18 Trauma.docx
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Assignment Brief 18
The front page of your assignment should provide the following information:
Student ID
Special considerations
Mitigating circumstances
Assignment No.
Submission date
Critically discuss the assessment and treatment of trauma, including PTSD, within a CBT framework.
Assignment brief
Assignment weighting
Present a critical discussion of CBT approaches to the assessment and treatment of trauma.
You should demonstrate your understanding of definitions, prevalence and effects of trauma, including PTSD. You should evidence your knowledge of assessment protocols including trauma specific risk assessment, co morbities and risk management.
You should critically discuss recommended evidence based treatment interventions and the theoretical constructs and rationale which underpin them.
A critique of the approach based on current literature should be provided, with reference to evidence-based practice, effectiveness, and limitations.
Your essay must provide a coherent and sequential account, with appropriate use of grammar, spelling and punctuation and rbitiesreferenced in Harvard style.
The weightings for each part of the essay are as follows:
Assessment & diagnosis
Risk assessment and management
Interventions & theoretical constructs
Grammar, punctuation, structure & flow and references
1. To advance knowledge of the principles and concepts of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other core psychological theories.
2. To acquire a critical understanding of common mental health disorders.
3. To consolidate and advance the utilisation of therapeutic skills deriving from CBT and other theoretical models.
4. To further develop the application of the theories to psychological assessment and formulation.
2 / 2
Course Learning Outcomes (Numbers 1, 5)
Module Learning Outcomes (1,2,3)
1. To critically analyse and evaluate selected components of the given models in relation to CBT.
2. To demonstrate a critical knowledge and understanding of specific mental health disorders, and align this knowledge to recommend interventions and empirical protocols contained in Module 8.
3. To communicate, using appropriate methods, how concepts and interventions from CBT and other given models inform therapeutic practice.
Submission details
To be submitted via turnitin by the above date
Guidance on size of submission
2000 words, +/- 10%. Submissions out-with these guidelines will automatically fail.
Feedback policy
Submissions will be returned in approximately 4 weeks from date of submission. All grades are provisional until ratified by the Academic Board.
Marking and Moderation policy
Assessments are marked anonymously with a sample 2nd marked and a further sample Internally Verified.

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