Assignment 3 | Self-Regulation Strategies: 10 points At 8 weeks, Charlotte had b

Assignment 3 | Self-Regulation Strategies: 10 points
At 8 weeks, Charlotte had been in Mahi’s home for family child-care for two weeks. Charlotte seemed to like Mahi well enough, but sudden movements or loud noises sent her screaming. She had trouble falling asleep and awake screaming. Once she started crying, she couldn’t seem to stop. If Mahi failed to anticipate when she would need to eat, she started crying from hunger. Charlotte just couldn’t get organized enough to suck effectively from the bottle. At 8 weeks, Charlotte had almost no skills at self-regulation and found it hard to utilize Mahi’s attempts to help. How can Mahi help Charlotte learn to use some self-regulation?
Describe what Charlotte is feeling during these events.
What are five strategies that Mahi can use with Charlotte to promote self-regulation?
What are three ways she can collaborate with Charlotte’s family to continue self-regulation at home?
The essay must be 1-2 pages in length, 5 paragraphs, 3-5 sentences per paragraph, written in APA format, and include a minimum of at least one reference from the article provided.
The ZERO TO THREE article, “Help Your Child Develop Self-Control” is provided in the student portal under “Assignment 3” and “Literature Resources”
Help Your Child Develop Self-Control • ZERO TO THREE.pdf
Assignment 3 _ Self-Regulation Strategies Grade Rubric.pdf
NOTE: please check with this link before turn in to me. if it show above 10%, that’s unacceptable.

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