Assignment preparation

This assignment gives you the opportunity to step into the role of a professional reaching out to an underserved population.
Imagine that you work at a mental health clinic. To help encourage immigrants to seek psychological services, your employer has asked you to speak at a local meeting of immigrants. You are aware that new immigrants to the United States often view psychology and mental health services as purely Western concepts.
Assignment Preparation
For this assignment, you will want a minimum of four resources. To prepare for this presentation, choose one of the articles below as one of the regions you wish to focus on. You may also use these resources on your assignment as a source for this assignment and as your topic population:
I’ve chosen the middle east as the region and attached 2 articles that can be used towards the 4 resources, which means 2 more resources are needed.
Assignment Instructions
In your presentation, do the following:
-Describe the cultural psychology of a selected group (including major concerns of that selected group, mental health issues that often arise within that selected group, and stereotypes and discrimination that occurs towards that selected group).
-Compare that selected group to Western culture. For example, are the addiction rates similar for that selected group as well as within Western culture?
-Contrast that selected group to Western culture. For example, is the selected group more or less likely to seek treatment than those born and raised in Western culture?
-Explain factors that a mental health practitioner should take into account while treating someone from that selected group.
-Support your analysis with three scholarly articles.

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