Assignment Topic: A Design Proposal of Software to Support Operation of a Driver

Assignment Topic: A Design Proposal of Software to Support Operation of a Driverless Car
As a Software Engineer, you are given the role of designing the software which supports the operation of a self-driving car. In your research around the capabilities of self-driving cars, you can search for keywords that include autonomous vehicle, driverless car, robotic car.
You are required to identify three operations that you wish to support in your software and provision capability for them through the use of an object-oriented Python program. The system should support the ability for a customer to interact with the system through a front-end.
Running in the system back-end should be a capability that simulates the generation and collection of data attributes that represent the wider environment within which the driverless car is operating.
Assessment Requirements
Using the scenario provided (above) you are required to generate an object model for the proposed system. You should produce a report that contains the following items.
In your design document, you should list the terms that you have used to carry out your background research and your reasons for their inclusion. You should aim to draw out the attributes and operations for each of the classes and provide a rationale for your system design and any key choices made (500 words).
Create the following UML models to represent the design and operation of your system:
Use case diagram.
Activity diagram.
Class diagram.
Sequence diagram.
State Transition Diagram.
Provision capability in your system to retain data within the following data structures:
References to support the software design include:
Reddy, P. P. (2019) Driverless Car: Software Modelling and Design using Python and Tensorflow.
Zhou, Z. Q. & Sun, L. (2019) Metamorphic testing of driverless cars. Commun. ACM 62(3): 61–67. DOI:
You are required to select an additional five references to support your document.

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