Assignment: Young people and Voting: “The Kids Are Not the Problem” pages 1-31 N

Assignment: Young people and Voting: “The Kids Are Not the Problem” pages 1-31
Now that you understand how the Texas Legislature works as well as understanding why young people vote at low rates, create a political plan to increase voting among young Texans ages 18-25.
Part 1: Read the Report: Report: The Kids Are Not the Problem
Part 2: Structure your plan in this way:
Section 1: Explain what you believe are the 3 most significant barriers faced by young Texans which cause low levels of voting. Now, explain how your plan will address each of these issues.
Section 2: What financial costs are involved in your plan? Yes, you must have some costs—nothing happens without any costs. How will you raise money to cover these costs?
Section 3: Summarize the evidence regarding voter fraud. What are the consequences of the improper emphasis on “fraud”? How does this affect young people? Now, explain how your plan will address this issue.
Section 4: Explain how you will engage young people to pressure the Legislature to adopt your plan.
Section 5: Getting the Plan Passed by the Texas Legislature: What barriers do you expect to face in getting support for your plan? What areas of your plan are you willing to compromise in order to gain enough political support? Was your plan successful or did it fail? (Either answer can be correct). What do you believe was the primary factor in your success or failure?
Section 6: Reflect. What were the 2 most important things you learned from doing this project?

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