At least ONE OF THE THEORIES critically evaluated must be PSYCHOLOGICAL. You MU

At least ONE OF THE THEORIES critically evaluated must be PSYCHOLOGICAL.
You MUST evidence-base your arguments citing appropriate references (e.g. peer reviewed journal articles, Government reports) throughout.
Learning outcomes:
1. Assess the contribution of Psychology to our understanding of criminal behaviour in different contexts
2. Critically evaluate Psychology theory and research related to the explanations of criminal behaviour
3. Develop and articulate evidenced arguments in the area of Psychology applied to the understanding of criminal behaviour in different contexts
Note 1: You don’t need to use the Front Sheet pages (I will add them before submitting the assignment) but the Template on the same document will be useful for structuring the report.
Note 2: I need AT LEAST 40 references (in-text and reference list) APA 7th edition format.
Note 3: I’ll prefer the report to be based on only two psychological theories to explain the offender conduct, so you can go more in depth and detailed in critical evaluation of them both in relation to the case study.
Note 4: It is mandatory to relate every argument made to the case study. For example, it will be gode to introduce every paragraph making reference to a specific aspect of the case study, then going into critical evaluation through the paragraph, and the concluding the paragraph again explaining how that relates to the case study.

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