Based on a data collected prove why capacity of male higher than female.

Physiology respiratory lab report.
Look at the data entry (provided) to find a hypothesis.
Example: Respiratory volume capacity is higher in males than females. (based on a gender)
some time a hypothesis based on weight high and different categories ,some people smoke so it will be different as well . you can look at the data to see more.
based on a data collected prove why capacity of male higher than female.
A lab report make sure have a title , abstract, introduction material/method, result , discussion, work cited(peer review source)
you can a data in the file I attched that is my group record.
and the excel file is a data entry for the class.
You can look at the lab report instruction in the file I attached.
I also attached a lab sample for you to look at .
let me know if you have any question

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