Be sure to elaborate on the details that are necessary to fully introduce/describe the concept.

Introduction [Title of Your Paper]
Per APA style, the heading of this section should be the title of your paper. In this section, introduce the topic of the paper and provide the reader with a broad overview of what they should expect to read about in your paper. Also note that your entire paper should be double-spaced with no extra line spaces between sections, in the acceptable fonts and size specified by the APA guidelines in the resource links provided, have 1-inch margins, page numbers in top right corner, paragraphs should all be indented properly, etc.
Behavior Description
Describe the behavior that you identified. Provide enough detail in this description so that I am able to understand what you thought about and/or observed. I should be able to ‘see’ the behavior from your description. Do not explain the behavior in this section – just describe it.
Concept Identification
Name and explain the psychological concept you identified to explain the behavior you selected. You must include from where in the course materials you read or viewed the information about the psychological concept. For example: (Introduction to Psychology, 2012, Learning Chapter). Be sure to elaborate on the details that are necessary to fully introduce/describe the concept.
Concept Application
This is the most detailed and important section of the paper.
Tell exactly how and why the psychological concept you identified explains the behavior you observed. Include enough detail so that I know you clearly understand the concept and how it explains the behavior. For example, if you have observed a behavior which you think was classically conditioned, you must show how all of the features of classical conditioning are involved in causing the behavior (e.g., US, UR, NS, CS, CR).
Evaluation and Limitations
Think critically and discuss anything about the behavior that is unexplained. Identify other psychological concepts from other chapters that may provide a more complete or logical explanation. Evaluate the concepts in terms of their ability to explain observations and discuss any limitations.
Briefly and creatively summarize your paper.

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