Before you begin, please watch the panel ‘What Does Environmental Justice Look L

Before you begin, please watch the panel ‘What Does Environmental Justice Look Like’ posted in the assignments tab or at the following link:
1. Did you feel that the panel discussion topics connected with principles of emergent strategy? If so, which principle and how?
2. If you had been watching this discussion live, what would you have wanted to hear more about? Please submit up to two follow-up questions for one or more of the panelists.
Before you begin posting, please read pages 51-66 in Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown AND watch the guest speaker presentation by Alyssa Lyon under the Assignments tab.
1. What is compelling about surviving climate change? In other words, what might we look forward to on the other side of the climate crisis? Use your imagination here.
2. How do ideas from the chapter (Fractals) connect to Ms. Lyon’s work with Black Environmental Collective?

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