Bloom’s memoir The Yellow House (2019) or Imani Perry’s essay “Do We Ask Too Much of Black Heroes?

For this essay, pick a person to interview and write about. Then rely upon the framework provided by either Sarah H. Bloom’s memoir The Yellow House (2019) or Imani Perry’s essay “Do We Ask Too Much of Black Heroes?” (2021). If you choose to model your essay on Bloom’s memoir, frame your essay around your subject’s relationship to a physical place. Geography and physical descriptions may be a central focus of the essay, but as Broom does with her brothers Carl and Simon, strive to root your essay in the experience of people. Interview your subject and develop a profile that conveys what they how a place has shaped their character or worldview. Describing the significance of home or the relationship between humanity, nature, and place are ripe themes to develop in your essay. If you choose to model your profile on Perry’s essay, frame the paper around this central question: What does it take to be a hero?

In this case, you are making a definition argument (visit 434-440 in our textbook). Propose your own definition of heroism then explain how your subject meets, exceeds, or fails to live up to that definition. Yes, failure, or tragedy, is an acceptable theme for this essay. Whether your subject is achieving heroic ends or flailing with inadequacy, this essay should show your subject in action.
Whichever angle you choose, your essay should capture the essence of the person you are writing about by describing them, interviewing them, quoting them, and developing a narrative around their life. Do not write a biography. The essay should be focused on either how a person identifies with a physical place or how a person relates to your definition of heroism. In this way, consider the essay a character profile that helps the reader understand the subject’s life. Your essay should: Include direct quotes from your subject
Be richly detailed. Show your subject in action. Include stories that illustrate the theme or angle. Be 800-1000 words typed in Times New Roman,double spaced, 12 pt font

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