Boards of directors and leaders all have agendas that influence what policies ge

Boards of directors and leaders all have agendas that influence what policies get created, the funding, the rules – and what doesn’t get included. It’s important for you to understand how political the creation of policies can be. This module is designed to help you with that. Read and critique each of the chapters. Then review the additionally posted materials. Conclude your submission with your thoughts about what all of these materials left you thinking. Be thoughtful, detailed, and developed.
Read Chapters 13, 14, and 15
Review power points
Chapter_13.pptx Download Chapter_13.pptx
Chapter_14.pptx Download Chapter_14.pptx
Chapter_15.pptx Download Chapter_15.pptx
Political infighting.pptx Download Political infighting.pptx
Kaiser review of health care reform act.pdf

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