book link for the chapter, let me know if you can get in. if not i will load the

book link for the chapter, let me know if you can get in. if not i will load them for you
Answer six short essay questions related to the course material that we have covered so far. All of these questions are required, and there is no extra credit on the exam. You will submit your completed responses as a double-spaced, 12-point font Word (or PDF) file through the Exam 1 submission link provided on CourseDen. There is no maximum length, but you should write at least ½ page to answer each question. Also, please keep in mind that the questions are all asking you to apply the course material. Thus, to earn full credit, your answers will need to go beyond merely repeating information that is found in the readings or lecture to include your own analysis, summary, and interpretation.
1. Why is mental illness so difficult to define? (Ch. 1)
2. Sociology and biology are often at odds with each other, but they need not be. What can sociology and biology teach each other? What is important for biology to know about sociology’s contribution to the study of mental health and illness? (Ch. 3)
3. How might the Sociological Imagination make sense of the relatively high rates of mental distress in our society? Would you say mental health is a personal problem or a public issue, as Mills defined the terms? Explain your answer. (Ch. 4)
4. How would you describe the differences in the type of stressors most experienced by poor and wealthy individuals? Make a list of five to 10 stressors each group is likely to face and compare them. What conceptual terms would you use to characterize each set of stressors? (Ch. 5)
5. The idea that racism constitutes a culturally conditioned delusion is intriguing. Do delusions have to be ideographic or unique to an individual or can they be collectively shared? If racist beliefs fit the definition of a delusion, it would radically change definitions of mental illness. What do you think? (Ch. 6)
6. Think about the structural origins of psychological distress for both men and women. How should society respond to these conditions? What policy and cultural changes would be required to relieve gendered stress? (Ch. 7)
book link

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