Businesses and those who manage them are faced with a host of social, political, environmental, and economic issues:

Businesses and those who manage them are faced with a host of social, political, environmental,
and economic issues:
• Black lives matter
• Abortion rights
• January 6th capitol riot
• Claims of election fraud
• Russian invasion of Ukraine
• Taxing the rich
• Voting rights
• Gerrymandering
• Climate change
• Student loan forgiveness
• Social media monitoring
• Freedom of speech
• Book banning
• Rising prices/costs
• Vaccinations/Covid
• Mask mandates
• Transgender rights
• And……
The above list is not exhaustive but is used to illustrate a host of issues that are salient to a wide swath of
consumers who may want to know a company’s stance on these issues. Thus, these issues, which seem to be
unrelated to a company’s operations, may become relevant because of its consumers. On some issues many
companies have been very vocal, either for or against. Other companies remain silent.
• Complete this assignment individually. This is NOT a group assignment.
• Demonstrate your decision-making processes and understanding of ethics in the business environment.
• You should provide a well-organized thoughtful discussion which addresses
o How/why these issues may create an ethical dilemma for a company or its management
o How/why these issues may impact the company’s financial performance
o Recommendations for companies and managers when facing these or other issues
• Include at least two sources, appropriately cited and referenced. Use APA formatting.
NOTE: You are not being asked to champion for or rally against a specific issue.
• Limit your submission to about two pages.
• Your responses must demonstrate graduate level knowledge and communication skills.
• Format the paper using a standard font: Times New Roman, Courier, or Arial; a standard font size: 10,
11 or 12; indent each new paragraph; double space; and a one-inch margin on all sides. Use the page
break feature and include a reference page.
• Use Microsoft Word when submitting your paper. Spell check/grammar

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