Case Study: Describe “deviant behavior” you have engaged in (NOT criminal) for e

Case Study: Describe “deviant behavior” you have engaged in (NOT criminal) for example, cheating on
homework assignements or tests, whether you allowed a friend to copy answers or you copied a friendsanswers. Using varius definitions of “Deviance”, explains what makes this behavior deviant. Analyze
both normative violation as well as the social reactions to the behavior, for example, does society see it as a normal thing, maybe because we all do it doesnt make it bad?.. Be clear and precise in your
approach to defining what makes the behavior deviant. The use ONE positivist theory (social bonding,
differential association, or low-self control) to explain why you engaged in the behavior. Then, use ONE constructionist view. Be sure to describe what theory/approach you are using, followed by how it
applies. Be strategic and thoughtful in your choice of theory.Conclude your analysis by explaining what approach made the most sense to you given the behavior.
This Case Study should be no more than 5 pages, excluding reference page. The analysis must be typed, double-spaced, age numbers at the bottom of each page, and spell-checked.

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