Do not just restate what you’ve already said

Write an Exegetical Research Paper that is commensurate with the writing and research abilities required of a 3000 level course. Choose 6-8 verses of the Bible (OT or NT) and explain the interpretation of the text by following the guidelines below. The following headings and subheadings outlined below should be used. The Exegetical Research Paper […]

Students are to complete a reflection essay on one event from the life and legacy of abraham.

Students are to complete a reflection essay on one event from the Life and Legacy of Abraham. Students are to follow the directions in the attachment below and submit their essay to the Turn It In Drop Box on Friday, October 21st by 8 AM. Students are to follow MLA format in their essay and […]

Use at least one additional source besides the textbook (not including scripture) to bring increasing balance to the issue.

Objective: Explain characteristics of the larger Mediterranean world and their relationship to New Testament writings and the growing church. Acts and Paul’s early letters introduce the reader to various theological, cultural, and ecclesial expressions of the gospel and discipleship. For this assignment, you will write a 3-page essay detailing insights useful for our understanding of […]

Listen to the podcast urbana message by john stott (42:10).

Objective: Articulate the missional basis of the Bible. Instructions The paper this week is about the missional basis of the Bible—from Genesis to Revelation. Once we can understand this missional theme, previous seemingly disconnected stories in Scripture make sense as part of a larger story of God on a mission to fill the earth with […]

Answer should include specific references to course material (eg. material in the sachs text,

[The aim of theological anthropology], “Is to tell man who he is and what he must do to be himself. Its intention is to disclose to him the truth about himself, that is, what he can base his life on and what he can die for.” 1) In a clearly written 2-3 page essay summarize […]

Also make sure that you read the grading rubric so that you earn every point that you deserve!!

Please make sure that you have reviewed the Step-by-Step Instructions for CRP #2 (Creative Ethnography) before you submit your paper. Also make sure that you read the grading rubric so that you earn every point that you deserve!!

What is their view of god?

Student will choose a specific religion – not their own denomination – and visit, personally or online – a ‘service’ – worship service and take notes on what you experienced. Note the DATE you visited and the times. 100 pts Using the same religion the student visited – they must write a research paper about […]

Is the scholars’ reasoning logical?

Annotated bibliography: An annotated bibliography of scholarship on the Hebrew Bible in modern academia (annotated bibliography due 11/23) Imagine you are writing a paper in order to discuss three different scholarly articles and their academic perspectives on a single topic. Topics can be of an historical, literary or political issue in the Bible, but modem […]

1 must be biblical ( the bible)

pelase reply to the attached discussion 4 sources must be within last five years 1 must be biblical ( the bible) APA Format Discuss how individual style and ethical perspectives influence the management of conflict or group dynamics. Consider how individuals collectively create complex group dynamics and possible ethical deviations. Be sure to consider the […]

Prior to the revolution, early american colonists, on the whole, did not value religious freedom.

Argue FOR this position: Prior to the Revolution, early American colonists, on the whole, did not value religious freedom.

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