Cath Lab Nursing

Topic: Cath Lab Nursing
Prepare a three-page paper utilizing APA format. The paper must be at least three pages and no more than three pages, not including the title and reference page. Anything beyond three pages will not be graded as part of the assignment.
The nursing specialty area paper is to be submitted to the Dropbox before the start of class on Week 4. The paper will be submitted through a plagiarism checker via Turn-It-In. The Turn-It-In similarity index report percentage provided should be less than 22%.
❖ The introduction clearly presents an overview of the main topic of paper with a clear thesis statement-last sentence of introduction.
❖ The conclusion clearly summarizes the main points of the paper.
❖ Describe the primary role and responsibilities of a nurse working within the selected specialty
❖ Identify a professional nursing organization a nurse would join that supports the selected specialty. What does this org. do?
❖ Identify and describe a Healthy People 2020 goal a nurse working within your specialty area could focus on to improve the health of the community.
❖ Why is this nursing specialty important to the nursing profession and the community?
Format and References
❖ Paper written using APA format: 12 pt. font, written in third person; and appropriate in-text citations.
❖ Minimum 4 credible current references (within the last 5 years) referenced according to APA format: double spaced, 12 pt. font, hanging indent (Please note: Textbooks should not be used as a reference. Peer reviewed journals and credible websites are acceptable. At least two of the references should be from a peer reviewed journal.
❖ Turn-It-In similarity index report percentage less than 22%
Grammar Punctuation/Spelling/Style
❖ Correct spelling, grammar usage and punctuation
❖ Language is clear and precise. Sentences are complete, clear, concise and display consistently strong and varied structure

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