CHapter 11: Reme

CHapter 11:
Remember this argument from C11
Vaccines are dangerous and involve more risk to health than getting deadly diseases.
I will not get a deadly disease if I don’t get a vaccine shot.
I will not get a vaccine shot.
So, I will not get a deadly disease.
Is this a valid deductive argument? Yes/No? Explain.
What would modern biomedical science say about the first premise? Certainly false? Yes or No. Explain.
Can the conclusion still be true in the above argument, even if one of the premises is false or probably false? Yes or No. Explain.
As best you can, describe the key philosophical points made in the book and video about this argument. Hint: Can one live a successful life based on false beliefs?
Rubric: Answer the yes or no questions but then integrate them into a short essay. Apply the concepts of deduction, induction, and probable truth. Suggested fist sentences, “(Yes/No) this argument is a valid deductive argument. However, . . .”

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