Chapter 5 discussion: Slavery and the American revolution The rhetoric of libert

Chapter 5 discussion: Slavery and the American revolution
The rhetoric of liberty and the demands of war created opportunities for enslaved African Americans to demand their freedom. Some slaves requested their emancipation in letters and petitions, while others took more direct action, running to the British lines. Most British colonists, however, were unwilling to question slavery as the war continued, and the legal status of African Americans did not change.
Using the documents and videos below, as well as your texts, 1.Discuss the role African Americans played in the American Revolution.
2.Were their desires different than that of whites?
3.Did the revolution live up the statement that all men were created equal, endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights?
Writings on African American Participation in the American Revolution (1775) (Links to an external site.)
Phillis Wheatly, Religious and Moral Poems (1773)
Ted- Ed How Phillis Wheatley captured the attention of the worldLinks to an external site.
Post #1: ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION(S) 5 points. A well-written post that appropriately addresses the discussion question(s). Please keep your messages concise and clearly written (500-750 words). For this chapter cite specific quotes and page numbers where appropriate for the primary source documents . I want to see at least three references to each document to receive full credit

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