Chapter 6 1.) Please describe what differentiates the “all arounders” from uppe

Chapter 6
1.) Please describe what differentiates the “all arounders” from uppers or downers.
2.) I often hear people/clients say that they don’t consider psychedelics, specifically cannabis, addictive because “you cannot overdose from it” or “you don’t have withdrawals coming off of it as compared to coming off of opiates or alcohol”. What does your text say about tolerance, withdrawal, and addiction of marijuana and other cannabinoids?
3.) Reflect on the content from this chapter. This may include personal examples of dealings with psychedelics, what stood out to you the most about this chapter, or myths, trends, themes, you have dispelled.
Remember the grading criteria:
Original post (15 points) should be: at least 200 words in length and cite the chapters and/or supplemental material being covered in that module at least 3 times. For example: (Inaba & Cohen, 2014) or (Inaba & Cohen, 2014, p. 3.38) for direct quotes.
Text Book (Inaba & Cohen) :

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