child about Covid-19 vaccination or share related social media posts with the child.

A BC court recently ruled that a divorced parent of an 11 year old may not talk to their child about Covid-19 vaccination or share related social media posts with the child. Under what conditions should the state/judges restrict what vaccination-related information parents may share with their children? What is the ethical justification for this viewpoint?
First, give a very short introductory paragraph that includes a clear thesis statement that states both your position and the basis for that position. Be specific. Example: In this paper, I argue that parents should never be restricted in what information they may share with their children based on a Kantian understanding of autonomy.
Second, provide an argument for your thesis. Be clear as to your assumptions and claims and how they are defended. You should draw on one or more of the authors and ethical theories such as: Utilitarianism principal, deontological approaches, Kant’s philosophy theories, liberalism and communitarianism, Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill’s theories. For the ethical approach using, clearly state the theory and the arguments supporting it. Discuss why you believe this is the correct ethical theory to use.

Third, offer a single critique of your view. Put yourself in the position of a critic and offer the best response to your position available. This portion of the paper allows you to make sure that you are developing the strongest argument possible by rebutting the best objection your opponent can offer to your view.
Fourth, offer a response to your opponent
Fifth, in a single paragraph offer a very brief conclusion to your argument.

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