Choose a topic related to Children, Families, and Communities in ECE

Choose a topic related to Children, Families, and Communities in ECE. Please choose something that interests you most- this is your opportunity to dig in! You should create the presentation for fellow educators. Create a presentation you would actually present this to staff.
Create a 10- slide presentation that addresses the following: *

Title slide: Incudes the topic title, your name, the course name and number, date
Slide 2: A brief definition of the topic
Slides 3 – 6: Gives important details about the topic
Slides 7-9: Provides ways or “tips and tricks” to use the information in supporting the development of children, families, and communities
Slide 10- Reference section in APA format
*Please use this as a guide. It’s important that this presentation reflects you and your thinking. If you would like to use another format, please feel free to reach out with your idea!
Be sure to connect your answers to course learning. Cite specific textbook readings and/or other course materials.
Some handy “rules” for creating great PowerPoints from
Follow the 5/5/5 rule
To keep your audience from feeling overwhelmed, you should keep the text on each slide short and to the point. Some experts suggest using the 5/5/5 rule: no more than five words per line of text, five lines of text per slide, or five text-heavy slides in a row.
Don’t forget your audience
Who will be watching your presentation? The same goofy effects and funny clip art that would entertain a classroom full of middle-school students might make you look unprofessional in front of business colleagues and clients. Humor can lighten up a presentation, but if you use it inappropriately your audience might think you don’t know what you’re doing. Know your audience, and tailor your presentation to their tastes and expectations
Choose readable colors and fonts Your text should be easy to read and pleasant to look at. Large, simple fonts and theme colors are always your best bet. The best fonts and colors can vary depending on your presentation setting. Presenting in a large room? Make your text larger than usual so people in the back can read it. Presenting with the lights on? Dark text on a light background is your best bet for visibility.
Don’t overload your presentation with animations
As anyone who’s sat through a presentation while every letter of every paragraph zoomed across the screen can tell you, being inundated with complicated animations and exciting slide transitions can become irritating. Before including effects like this in your presentation, ask yourself: Would this moment in the presentation be equally strong without an added effect? Does it unnecessarily delay information? If the answer to either question is yes—or even maybe—leave out the effect.
Use animations sparingly to enhance your presentation
Don’t take the last tip to mean you should avoid animations and other effects entirely. When used sparingly, subtle effects and animations can add to your presentation. For example, having bullet points appear as you address them rather than before can help keep your audience’s attention.
Keep these tips in mind the next time you create a presentation—your audience will thank you. For more detailed information on creating a PowerPoint presentation, visit our Office tutorials.

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