choose an issue that interests you and begin to identify problems associated with it that you think need to be solved.

write a problem/issue proposal essay college level 1000 words it’s due on Sunday 11:59
Essay 1 – Problem/Issue proposal
This essay is the first part of your semester-long research project. The purpose of this essay is to choose an issue that interests you and begin to identify problems associated with it that you think need to be solved. In this essay, you will share your thoughts on the topic such as why it might interest you, what you understand about the topic at present, what you need to learn more about, and how you plan to begin your research to learn more.
I do not expect you to have any knowledge of your topic at this point. If you have some knowledge and opinions about your topic already, that is totally fine. However, it is not necessary.

This assignment is entirely about choosing a topic that might interest you and beginning the process of narrowing your focus, brainstorming, and asking basic research questions to get started. You will then research and write about your chosen topic for the rest of the semester in weekly discussion assignments and subsequent essays.
The structure of this essay should be loose. You are writing it for yourself as much as you are writing it for me. Nevertheless, you need an introduction, body, and conclusion. Clearly state which topic you have chosen in your introduction. In the body paragraphs, answer all of the questions below:
What is your issue?
What makes you interested in it?
What are your opinions about it? Explain them, try to articulate where they come from – perhaps your belief system, something you learned, opinions you’ve received.
What are the problems associated with it?
What needs to be solved, fixed, or improved?
What would it look like if this problem were fully solved? Describe how you envision it.
What don’t you know?
What questions do you need to answer to better understand the issue?
What sort of information and types of sources do you think will be most relevant in your research? Why?
What is your strategy for finding more information?
You do not need to use any sources. However, if you do use sources you must cite them both in-text and in a Works Cited following MLA rules.
This essay must be at least 1,000 words long. It is worth 100 points.

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