Choose one from these three Love Imagination Patriarchy What is Shakespeare tryi

Choose one from these three
What is Shakespeare trying to say with this theme? How is this theme and concept significant in the play? What role does this theme and concept play in the story and plot development? Remember what we talked about in class on Friday. If you want, channel that into your thesis. Your essay must follow the following guidelines:
The essay must be a five paragraph format.
This means:
An introduction paragraph with a clear thesis
the thesis must be an intriguing “hook,” an interesting statement, that grabs the reader’s attention
Include a preview/”roadmap” in your intro paragraph of your three supports.
Three body paragraphs that explain each of your supports.
A fourth body paragraph, a counterpoint paragraph, is not necessary but can be an effective way to make your argument more convincing. This is because you are showing the reader that you are acknowledging both sides of the argument.
A conclusion paragraph that re-states your thesis statement and connects it to your supports in an effective, brief summary
In this writing assignment, focus on effective arguments. Choose your evidence and supports wisely, and keep your points simple and straightforward.
You must include at least 1 quote from the play for each support, so 3 quotes minimum.
You must quote the play correctly. This means: “(Dialogue)” (I.i.1-2)

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