Picture it, you just graduated and earned your degree from Post University! To celebrate
this achievement and the hard work you put in, you have decided to treat your closest
friends and family to an awesome vacation.
You are trying to decide where to take the group on your celebratory vacation and make
travel arrangements. To help make this decision you will be sending a quick survey to
the 10 people you want to bring on the trip:
Here are the 5 steps in this assignment:
• Sign up for a free SurveyMonkey account. Please refer to this YouTube tutorial
on how to create a SurveyMonkey survey. 20% of grade
• Design a survey based on the following question and choice of responses: 20%
of grade
o Question- Yay, I’m inviting you to help me celebrate my graduation from
Post University, where would you like to go?
o Responsesa) Hawaii
b) Europe
c) DisneyWorld
d) New York City
e) Other (open-ended question)
• Send the survey to at least 10 people. This can be to your friends, family, and
classmates. 20% of grade
• Submit a screenshot of the sent/completed SurveyMonkey survey 20% of grade
• Create a list of the percentages for each response that you get from the
completed survey. Of course, it must total 100% and it should look something like
this: 20% of grade
a) Hawaii 5%
© 2021 Post University, Waterbury, CT
b) Europe 10%
c) DisneyWorld 65%
d) New York City 15%
e) Other 5%
• A one-page Word document containing a simple list similar to the example
above. Be sure to include your name, title of the survey, and date.
• Proper college-level grammar is required. APA format, including any in-text

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