Claim: the text introduces a clear, arguable claim that can be supported by reasons and evidence.
Those are the only two sources to be used. It is an argumentative essay on “why not all companies should handle tissue donations”
Claim: The text introduces a clear, arguable claim that can be supported by reasons and evidence.
20.0 pts
Development: The text provides sufficient data and evidence to back up the claim as well as a conclusion that supports the argument. In-text citations are included to show where you got your evidence.
20.0 pts
Audience: The text anticipates the audience’s knowledge level and concerns about the claim. The text addresses the specific audience’s needs.
20.0 pts
Cohesion: The text uses words, phrases, and clauses to link the support your use to your thesis. You explain how your evidence proves your thesis.
20.0 pts
Conventions: The text demonstrates standard English conventions of usage and mechanics along with using proper MLA formatting and 3-5 MLA in-text citations and a works cited page that follows MLA format.
20.0 pts

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