Company Mission and Vision Statement (5 pts.)

Please only work on first 3 items
The final project for this course is a minimum of 15 pages (full semester) 5 pages (3 weeks intersessions)(10 pages for 5 weeks summer sessions) written International BusinessProject. Your company wants you and your colleagues to research a possible investment in a foreign country. Please pick a company and a country for investment.
1. Introduction (5 pts.)
2. Company Background (5 pts.)
a. Briefly tell us about your company
3. Company Mission and Vision Statement (5 pts.)
4. Identifying the need of the Product (5 pts.)
a. Identify the reason you believe there is a need for this particular product in that particular market
5. Competitive Advantage (10 pts.)
a. Clearly define what is your product/service advantage over your competitors
b. List of your competitors (Local and International)
6. Global Marketing Strategy (Pick one) (5 pts.)
a. Adaptation
b. Standardization
7. Global Marketing Mix (10 pts.)
a. Product
b. Promotion
c. Pricing
d. Place
8. Trading Agreements (5 pts.)
a. Specify if there is any trading agreement between trading countries (followings are examples of trade agreements for your reference).
ii. EU
iii. ASEAN and etc.
9. SWOT Analysis (10 pts.)
a. Strengths
b. Weaknesses
c. Opportunities
d. Threats
10. PESTEL Analysis (10 pts.)
a. Political
b. Economic
c. Socio-cultural
d. Technological
e. Environmental
f. Legal
11. Market Potential Index (10 pts.)
a. Market Size
b. Market Intensity
c. Market Growth Rate
d. Market Consumption Capacity
e. Commercial Infrastructure
f. Market Receptivity
g. Economic Freedom
h. Country Risk
12. Target Market (5 pts.)
a. Clearly define your target market segmentation based on;
i. Income
ii. Education
iii. Gender
iv. Age
13. Market Entry Strategy (Pick only One) (10 pts.)
a. Licensing
b. Franchising
c. Joint Venture
d. Merger and Acquisition
e. Wholly Owned Subsidiary (WOS)
i. 100% acquiring
ii. Greenfield Investment
iii. Brownfield Investment
14. Conclusion (5 pts.)

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