compare and contrast American hip hop and Canadian First Nations hip hop under the theme of resistance, shall we?

Resistance in Canadian First Nations Hip Hop
Let’s compare and contrast American hip hop and Canadian First Nations hip hop under the theme of resistance, shall we?
This one’s going to need more research than textbook/learning materials, but you should still try to use information from your course materials to some extent to inform your work (e.g. to inform your knowledge of the history of hip hop as a genre, etc).
Explain how hip hop has become a tool of resistance for First Nations youth in Canada. How does this music draw on the history of hip hop as a genre (consider sound but also content)? How does does First Nations hip hop diverge from the original genre and its African American roots?
Using and embedding concrete musical examples, consider some of all of the following (if some, go more in-depth):
similarities and differences between African American rap and Canadian First Nations rap, and how that is reflected in lyrics, music, and visuals (e.g. music videos, modes of dress, etc.);
similarities and differences between the primarily urban rap of the US, and the often rural or smaller-community feel of First Nations rap in Canada.
some of the political issues addressed by First Nations hip hop artists in Canada today (e.g. Residential Schools and graves, Truth and Reconciliation, MMIW, Idle No More, decolonization, land rights, poverty, drug use, discrimination, lack of drinking water on reserves, etc.). How do these compare to what is coming out of African American communities in the US? Are there similar issues? Different issues? Explain.
gender: overall, does Canadian First Nations hip hop echo or challenge the misogyny of American hip hop? If so, how? Can you provide examples? You could consider lyrics, videos, and/or performers. For example, compare a famous female Canadian First Nations hip hop artist to one of the more famous African American hip hop artists. There are some big differences. Why do you think this is (informed opinion, plz).
??? anything else you want to dig into – be thoughtful and analytical. We love learning from your blogs.
It may be easiest to focus on one or two Canadian First Nations artists/groups and use their work to structure your response. Or you could try to address separate issues (with some sort of structure) and use the examples that best fit, choosing from a variety of artists/groups. Try to embed some American hip hop examples to back up your compare/contrast arguments.

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