Compare and contrast key approaches toward public administration as detailed in assigned readings.

Based upon this prompt, reply to the below post: Compare and contrast key approaches toward public administration as detailed in assigned readings. Evaluate these approaches according to required readings and presentations for this week and a Biblical/covenantal model of statesmanship, leadership and organizational behavior. Consider the relevance of these approaches to your academic and professional work in public administration.

Public administration is needed in every type of government the way a government is managed run and financed it all up to that government. Rome had a need to govern themselves but at what cost was up to them. Protection cost a lot and a military can harbor those ideas of protection making Rome a safer place to live. When you provide protection in the form of a military your inhabitants are allowed to do as they please in the form of making as much money as they want. What this means is that yes, they get to work to get be able to move up the ladder of the social pyramid, but with that idea they also get to pay more taxes which helps the government form a better standing in rules and government.
The idea that the military is necessary is because as a growing part of the world other civilizations in the world want more land more and more materials. So, protection is key but having only a military is something that creates a military state and doesn’t allow for freedom of ideas or work. All of those freedoms make more money making more to allow them to spend more creating more infrastructure to get people to build more. Its is a cascading effect that has bountiful amounts of dividends in the future.
Government is need and public administration is key because it is a way to sort out what is needed and in what priority. Parks are integral to a community but no one knew why for ages, the reason why is because people need a release and that can be something as simple as a walk in a nature area. A military cannot provide that as a means of recreation because their focus is to get more protection or actively engage in war or protecting land or resources.
The utility is key to how we operate in life and around what we do either being for pain or pleasure. It is a careful balance of how we live by creating pain for others so that we may live in a pleasureful place. In theory we should be ones that we should be able to live a copesetic life with others once everything thing is owned. By that it is meant that if others are not hurting the ones, they governor or of others government and are not encroaching upon others land that peace should be a relevant means to an end. It takes a good amount of pain to gain the upper hand in terms of war and that is what a government is needed for to determine to correct amount of force needed as to not apply an overage on others.
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Shafritz, J. M., & Hyde, A. C. (2017). Classics of public administration. Cengage Learning.

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