Compare and contrast the scenes, then interpret the significance of the differences.

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This week, we viewed two different presentations of The Walking Dead. Though each presents the same basic plot elements, HOW they are presented and contextualized is different, creating a different thematic emphasis in each.
For your post this week, pick a scene that the two presentations have in common. Compare and contrast the scenes, then interpret the significance of the differences. Try to avoid suggesting one or another is “better” or more “realistic.” Those terms are relative and imply certain representational values that may not be universal among viewers or platform conventions. Instead, in your discussion, focus on the effects, implications, changes in interpretation, etc, that result from how the text has presented the material and taken advantage of its platform-specific properties.
In your post, please make use of the SANDWICH MODEL discussed during this week’s lecture. Feedback from the professor will focus on the application of this model.
Finally, keep in mind that each is on a different platform and so requires a different kind of careful reading. To say it another way, to be a careful reader requires attention to the specific qualities, compositional elements, and consumption habits of a particular platform.
A complete post this week will:
Observe a difference in the presentation of a scene common to both the comic and tv episode
Explain the compositional elements that contribute to the difference in how these scenes are presented
Discuss how the composition of each version of the scene influences our interpretation or understanding of the story

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